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Richwood Farmers Market_1
The Pantry now operates an Indoor- Farmers’ Market

On Friday, Barbara Radcliff, Director of the Pantry and Norvill Clark visited the West Virginia State Fair. The trip was made to meet with Cindy Martel, Marketing Specialist, of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture (WVDA). As a result of the trip:

  • The Pantry is now listed with the State of West Virginia as a Food Cooperative. This enables the Pantry to purchase produce at wholesale prices from local growers and distributors.
  • The Pantry is now able to receive promotional assistance from the WVDA.  More on this later.
  • The Pantry is in the process of finding a location to provide locally grown produce to the communities of Richwood, Fenwick, Hinkle Mountain, Dane, New Hope and Nettie.  For the immediate future, the Farmers’ Market is located in the Pantry at 14 Cherry River Plaza, Richwood, WV 26261

It is exciting times at the Pantry.  We will keep you posted.

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